“She takes her role as Mrs Congeniality seriously.”

– Kate Maundy, Sun Herald Newspaper

Season 2

Mrs. Gulf Coast Mississippi 2016

In keeping with my mission to inspire fun, confidence, and femininity, I competed in my first beauty pageant ever at the age of 34.  I was in the Mrs. Mississippi America 2016 Pageant in Corinth, MS.

It was quite an experience learning how to be a pageant girl. There’s a lot that goes into it, more than I thought when I started.  But learning about eyelash extensions, spray tans, and stepping into my diva energy was all worth it in the end. First, this journey gave you – the readers – a chance to see first hand the process of becoming a beauty queen.  Second, I won!  Well… not the state title but other great awards like Mrs. Congeniality, Director’s Choice, and Top Ad Sales.

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Mrs Mississippi Pageant 2016

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I didn’t know that being in a pageant was something I could or even should do, nor did I know that it was something I would do. But here I am, at the age of 34, competing in my first beauty pageant.

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