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Day Trippin Mississippi Gulf Coast - Episode 4 ``My Coast``

“We’re not like the rest of the state.”  That’s all folks on the Mississippi Gulf Coast have been saying this week.  Seems that the bulk of our community – both conservative and liberal – feel that the recent religious freedom bill (HB1523) passed by the Mississippi legislature and signed by the Governor doesn’t reflect the views of South Mississippi. While the purpose of the bill probably won’t have much of a real impact in day to day life here in Mississippi, passing it has made a huge impact on the way people around the country and world view our state. The “My Coast” Music Video idea was born.

I’m not a politician, but I am a cheerleader for the Gulf Coast.  I definitely don’t want our area to be grouped into a mass “Anti-Mississippi” campaign. South Mississippi is a place apart – an area of great diversity.  Everyone is welcome on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

The Mississippi Gulf Coast is one of the most welcoming, friendly, relaxed, fun, and hospitable areas in the country. We are known for our white sand beach — the longest man-made beach in the world in fact — but that is not all we have.  We are old south charm with a modern twist. Here you’ll find a vibrant fishing culture along with a cool art scene. Escape to our casinos or go to space at Infiniti.  Go crabbing along the shoreline or indulge in the funky coffee shops. Try some local beer and bbq while jamming to the blues.  The Gulf Coast is very much one coast with lots of things to see and do.  Just please don’t miss out meeting our eclectic folks… we have all types, colors, and creeds here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

I’m excited to showcase our warmth and hospitality with the newest music video – “My Coast.”  It’s a parody of Flo Rida’s “My House.”  My team at Jaimee Designs Web Studio put it together – from conception to launch – in 72 hours. Thanks to everyone who helped. Please share it with your friends and let this be our Gulf Coast theme song.


“My Coast” Music Video Lyrics

by Jaimee Dorris

Open up the Barq’s pop, POP
It’s our Coast, all aboard, turn it up, Yo!

Hear the birds at the shore and the day begins
Grab your rod, grab your reel, even grab yo friends
Sun is hot, melting pot, gotta snapchat this
You can sit where you want, welcome all y’all in…

But you gotta wear these
Don’t forget the sunscreen
Please don’t litter our sea
Bait your own hook, dude!

Welcome to my Coast
Baby, you can let go
Don’t drink all the beer though
Have you been casino?

Welcome to my Coast
Seafood is for real though
You don’t like crawfish, bro?
It takes all types, we know…

Welcome to my Coast… Welcome to our Coast.

“My Coast”

A Parody of Flo Rida’s “My House”

Jaimee Dorris – Producer, Writer, Vocals, Editor
Jodie Tran – Assistant Producer/Director
Melissa Biehl  – Hair, Makeup, Promotion


Jaimee Dorris, Jodie Tran, Lena Mae, Arturo Barajas, Doug Niolet, Larry & Jan Stewart, Vincent Nguyen, Nick Carter, Sean Pittman, Joel Dorris, and Clay Necaise

Film Crew

Bruce Roberts & Jerson Ambion


Flo Rida’s “My House” Karaoke Version

Special Thanks

Outkast Charters, Brett Ladner, Rod Wilkinson- “Lady Julia,” Bob Collins, and Al Showers – WLOX


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